Thursday, May 16, 2013


I had a plan.  I thought that by the time I reached the big four-o, and I'd go and adopt a child.  Forty for me was the "end" time.  I thought by the time I reached that grand old age, I'd have done everything that I've wanted to do while still single, I'd have reached my goals, in all aspects of my life, career-wise, financial, personal, traveled the world..... Boy, was I wrong!   I mean, I still joke about tying kids on a chair and putting a little alcohol in their milk to settle them down! What kind of parent would I be? Possibly one that is charged with child abuse, that's what!
I know adopting would be the most wonderful thing, but I also know that it is very selfish of me to adopt at this point in my life.  Emotionally and financially, I am not ready.  It would be mighty mighty selfish of me to bring a child in my life when I know I cannot commit to her 100%!  I hope someday soon, I'd be ready but for now,  I can just go about dreaming and working my way to be ready for the child that will borne from my heart.
I came across this video about what parents say about their experience with adoption. I found the clip to be very informative and not preachy, so I hope you enjoy it too.

 To all the parents out there who chose to share their home with children not of their blood, Cheers to you!