Monday, August 1, 2011

Maki House

I wrote about getting my maki fix at Bodhi about a month ago but the aunts are in town and they wanted the real thing - meaning real meat and not the veggie meat that I prefer eating.

Maki mi , regular, P110
I have to say, the maki at Maki House was really really good.  The pork was very tender and the thick broth had just the right flavor.  I would come back for their Maki anytime.

Gohyong, P80
Tasted like over processed rejected unidentified meat products.  I even bit on what seems to be small bones. Biting on a piece of bone is not traumatizing by itself but when you have no idea what kind of meat was used to make this dish, you're imagination tends to get away from you. *shudder!*

Machang, special, P80
Pretty much like any ordianry machang.  Nothing much to rave about.

Maki House
683 Banawe St, QC
59 Scout Tobias St., QC

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