Monday, September 26, 2011

Restaurante Pia Y Damaso

Pia Y Damaso has been around for a long time but I have not found myself wanting to try this restaurant out as I have heard some bad and lukewarm reviews about their food.
One Saturday night out with my friend, I was super hungry since my last meal was breakfast.  I didn't really care where we would eat just as long as we ate and soon!  I still had a little reservation about this place but when we were perusing  their menu and I spied the really nice booth they had, that was the deciding factor.

Tubig ni Maria Clara, P300
A pitcher of cucumber juice, citrus water and ginger.  Very light and refreshing. A healthy alternative to sodas and juices but I would have loved this more if the ginger was a bit stronger to give it that extra oomph!
Crisp Cones with Crab Cone and tomato Relish, P220
Sauteed crab meat, corn and onion stuffed into fried cones, wonton wrapper I think,  and topped with fresh tomato, cucumber, cumin, cinnamon, parsley and lemon juice and stuck on a bowl filled with salt.  Light and refreshing.  Yumm!  I can eat this forever!

Catfish Adobo rolled in Smoked Bacon, P300
Deboned, flaked catfish marinated in adobo then rolled in smoked bacon and served with sauteed vegetables and garlic rice.  Though a little too salty after a few bites, this dish was still a successful play on an old favorite.

Ostrich beef Steak with Guava Butter, P600
A thickly sliced ostrich steak marinated in mixture of soy sauce, onions, calamansi (native lemon) and black pepper or beefsteak tagalog style.  Served with fried saba and sauteed onions and cabbage.  Again a different yet successful twist on an old Pinoy favorite.  Now, ostrich is a tricky meat to cook, do it wrong and it would taste gamey.  Lucky us, we were served with a thick piece of ostrich meat that was beautifully cooked.  All I can say is it tasted a lot like beef steak! And the accompanying fried saba and sauteed cabbage and onions were a perfect accompaniment.  But where was the guava butter?  Or is guava jam a more appropriate name?

Ostrich Beef Steak, medium
Brazo de Mercedes and a pot of mint and green tea, free
American Express Card has a promotion until  January 2012, free dessert and a pot of mint and green tea for every P1500 purchase using their card.  Luckily my friend had the said card and we were able to avail ourselves of the dessert and tea.  Brazo is one of my most favorite childhood dessert, as much as I wanted to love the plate they presented to us, we cannot help but think that the cake slice tasted a bit old and dried up.  It wasn't bad but it wasn't up to the level we expected after such a delightful meal.  Buti na lang free!

What was expected to be a bad meal turned out to be a very good one.  So lesson learned,  reviews are great but they are not bible truths and should always be taken with a grain of salt.

Restaurante Pia Y Damaso
2/F Greenbelt 5
Makati City
729 5511

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