Monday, April 11, 2011

Beurre Blanc French Mediterranean Cuisine

I was suppose to watch Kaos with my mom at Resorts World but due to some technical problems the theater and the casino was closed down.  So theater night became shopping and dinner night instead.  After going around, there was a couple of interesting restaurants in the area that I would want to try out but because there were such a crowd over almost all of them, my mom and I decided to just go to the one with the least crowd.  Hence, we ended up a Beurre Blanc.

complimentary bread and butter
Mom liked the bread.

1/2 of Burre Blanc Salad, P495
We started the meal with an order of Beurre Blanc Salad and asked the server to divide it into 2.  This is a combination of mesclun green, but in reality I only saw 1 kind of lettuce here, salmon, grilled prawns, scallop and shitake mushroom with a balsamic dressing, sun-dried tomatoes and  Pecorino cheese.  This was quite good.

Pasta a la Beurre Blanc, P395
Mom chose angel hair pasta with assorted mushrooms - shitake, cepes and button.  This was also quite good with just the right amount of truffle oil.

Peppered Steak, P650
I got the peppered steak which was described as pepper crusted US Sirloin  in light cognac cream sauce  served with mashed potatoes and sauted spinach.  The steak and the sauce was nice though not the best one I've had nor was it memorable.  The sauted spinach was a disappointment, the garlic was burnt and bitter and the seasoning wasn't mixed well with the greens so I had bites of blandness and then bites of too much salt.

It is to be noted that our wait staff was attentive and very informative when asked certain questions.  If you have the resorts world membership card, depends on what type of card you have, you get an additional discount.

Beurre Blanc
French Mediterranean Cuisine
2/L Resorts World Manila
Newport Mall, PasayCity
836 43 42

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  1. i am happy when i go to beurre blanc in resort world manila with my one and only love :) the chef of my life :)