Thursday, April 14, 2011

CBD Cheesesteaks Burgers & Drinks

Flanked between 2 very popular restaurants, whose waiting lists are several miles long, CBD - Cheesesteaks, Burgers & Drinks, seems to be a well lit oasis for the hungry  who cannot sit around and wait for their turn at Kanin Club and Wee Nam Kee.

From the people behind Tender Bob's, we were expecting something good here.

Cheesesteak, P285
This was a disappointment. Though the sandwich is generous in size, the meat was bland.

CBD Buffalo Chicken Strip, 10 pcs, P285
The chicken strips was OK though not as much heat as I like.  What made this better was the fact that it was boneless, which, in my book, always gets extra points.

Cheesesteaks, Burgers & Drinks
Ayala Triangle Gardens
Paseo de Roxas St.
Makati City, Metro Manila

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