Monday, April 18, 2011

Le Ching Too

One of my favorite restaurants since I was in school, some xx years ago, was Le Ching.  Cheap, filling and tasty is always a very good combination.  So this is where I ended up in, with my good friend L, one Sunday night after a super hot and tiring day of running around Manila, Pasay and Greenhills.

I always order the spareribs rice topping, a favorite comfort food of mine since way back when, but unfortunately it was out of stock. 

hakaw /steamed shrimp dumplings
Hakaw, one of my favorite food of all time.  I never fail to order this whenever I am in any Chinese restaurants.  Unfortunately the rice wrapping for this hakaw was too thick.  I also think that it was left in the steamer for too long that it has become rubbery.  The filling, though, was still good.

Chicken and Mushroom Rice Topping
I think one of Le Ching's strong points is that throughout the years and many branches later,  the taste of their food has remained consistent.  My chicken and mushroom topping ( the only thing left available on the menu) had the same taste as I remembered way back when.  They even serve them on the same metal bowls I remembered from the past.  I am mightily glad that some people still believe that not all change is good, and I hope that 10 or so years from now, I can still walk into a Le Ching branch and have the same rice topping as I had when I was still a kid.

Le Ching Tea House
Shoppesville Arcade
Greenhills Shopping Center
San Juan
721-3179, 726-3677

Ground Level, U.P. Ayala Land Technohub
Commonwealth Ave., Diliman
Quezon City

888 Banawe St.,
Del Monte Ave, Qc

Trinoma Food Choices,
M2 Level,

Timog Ave,
between Panay ave & Quezon Ave
Quezon City

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