Friday, June 17, 2011


An impromptu Saturday night meet up with some friends saw us at Bugsy's.  A popular hang out  that is famous for their bar chows.

Buffalo Tenders, P185
Of course we could not eat at Bugsy's without trying out their most famous bar food.  Their boneless version of the world's favorite Buffalo wings is really good.  The chicken tenders was fried to a crisp yet the meat itself was very tender.  It is then coated with this spicy sweet barbecue sauce and served with a cool sour cream dip.

Marco's Honey Garlic Tenders, P185
This was also good. Crispy chicken tenders coated with this sweet sauce.  The sauce very much reminds me of the very popular snack from the past called Cow Label.

Lifted from Eat First Shoot Later
Checking in on my foursquare, I found a tip written by a friend highly recommending their Italian Sausage.

Italian Suasages, P175
3 pieces of perfectly seasoned home made Italian sausages served with mashed potatoes, sauteed onions and smothered in gravy. All I can say is YUM!  

Ground Flr Citygold Plaza
Ortigas Center, Julia Vargas Ave.
Pasig City

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