Thursday, January 6, 2011

Angel's Kitchen

Checking with my friend if she's free for dinner one Sunday night, I immediately met up with her in Greenhills.  Our first choice on where to eat was a restaurant at the Promenade.  But as usual, parking in that area was horrendous.  So we decided to drive down Connecticut St. to see what's in the offering.  On our second run along the said street, we saw Angel's Kitchen and realized that even though we pass by this restaurant / store often, we've never really tried their food.

Angel's Kitchen homey interior
I love the homey interior.  The ambiance is light and easy. No pretensions.

Melba Toast and Chicken Pistachio Pate
This free appetizer was a winner. This pate reminds me of Cibo's Pate di Fegato - chicken liver pate with apple and pear sauce.  But I like this better.

Chicken & Mushroom Salpicao w/ Chorizo Rice, P368
We shared this dish since my friend had a super late merienda and was still feeling full.  This was really yummy! Just the right saltiness and lots of garlic.  I wouldn't mind ordering this dish again.

Choc Nut cappuccino Pie, P178
Described on the menu as a coffeeholic's dream, well, maybe a bad dream.  This espresso flavored Kahlua liqueur and cream was really really sweet. And then it was placed on top of a chocnut candy crust which was also really sweet.  Maybe having a more bland pie crust and just incorporating chocnut bits into the filling would have been better than pounding the chocnut and making a pie crust out of it.  Sweet over sweet is not my idea of a good dessert. For me, this dish had no balance at all.

Angel's Kitchen. A Home Cafe
57 Connecticut St., North East Greenhills, San Juan, MM
Telephone: +632 721-8822
Telefax: +632 744-1018

Beside Konbini Store

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