Monday, January 24, 2011

Sing Hainanese Chicken House

Friday night found me waiting out the super heavy rains at Shangri La with my mom.  I guess everyone had the same idea since all the restaurants were pretty packed. 
Looking for somewhere to eat, we ended up at the 6th floor.  Funny enough, years and years of going to Shang,  I have never noticed this small hole in the wall restaurant located at the corner nearest the cinema.
Hainanese Chicken, half P480
We ordered a half order of Hainanese Chicken that came with 2 cups of rice and soup.  I found the chicken pretty bland. The rice was good but a little salty but since the chicken lacked flavor, it was ok.

I was expecting a clear chicken broth but what we got was a cloudy soup that didn't taste like chicken broth at all.  Mom said that the broth tasted more like it was made from pork.
Fish Cake, P200
Pandan Gulaman, P60
Not really something you would pair with Hainanese Chicken but for some reason I ordered it.  Not too sweet, I didn't have to add more water to dilute the sugar.

Food aside, a couple of things turned me off from this restaurant, one, the waitress approached me to say they don't allow picture taking and that, since we were seated inside, we can see and hear a lot of things, namely, one of the boss's reprimanding the staff.  I am not against reprimanding one's employee/s privately but not in the presence of other people, i.e. paying customers.

Sing Hainanese Chicken House
6/F Shangri La Mall

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