Monday, January 31, 2011


Picked up mom at Resort's World one evening and decided to just have dinner there.  Mom was raving about this Japanese-Korean Restaurant where she and her friends had dinner at one time.  Clearly she wanted to go back there.

Ginzadon, a name derived from an upscale Japanese district called "Ginza", and "Don", Korean for  money, is located on the 2nd floor of Maxim's Hotel.

The restaurant had a big long window where you can look in and probably get hungry some more while waiting for your table. 

Banchan, free
I really didn't care for this.

Tamago, P85 and Maguro
My share of Tamago (egg) and Maguro (tuna).  Yum.

Ebi Tempura, P390
One of the restaurant's signature dishes, 2 large tiger prawns coated in batter with a dipping sauce made of soy sauce, radish and ginger.

Bibimbap, P380
Steamed rice topped with veggies, beef and a fried egg.  I didn't like this at all. With everything going on in the bowl, I found it dry and very much lacking in flavor.

Miso Soup
Came with the Bibimbap.

Bulgogi, P675
With its price tag, I was expecting a lot of wonderful things from this stir-fried US beef (according to the menu) with veggies, but sadly I was disappointed.  I found this dish too sweet.

Because most of their clientele comes from the casino downstairs,  Ginzadon allows  their diners to pay with their casino points.

2/F Maxims Hotel
02 908 8163
Hours: 11am-2pm ; 6pm-10pm

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