Monday, May 2, 2011

Espressamente Illy

Thinking there would be a mass exodus from Manila days before Holy Week, I got to the NAIA Terminal 3 way too early for my flight.  Instinctively knowing that the flight would somehow be delayed, as it always is, me my friend went to look for some decent food and coffee.

Last time I was in terminal 3 there was a limited choice on where to eat.  It was nice to know that they have added a few more restaurants to the humongous terminal.
We chose Illy as it had a nice seating area and is close to our boarding gate.

Marocchino Caldo, P145
 Nice hot coffee to start off the day.

Salmon and Egg Turnover, P170
 Thinking it was a "healthier" choice, I got the Salmon and Egg Turnover to get me through the travel.  Unfortunately, what I thought was a nice tasty turnover turned out to be too oily.  Well, so much for trying to make smart food choices!

Inside was scrambled egg and cubed salmon, that by principle should have worked well together.  But unfortunately the flavors didn't blend together well  and I was left with an oily, soggy not so good turnover.

Esspressamente Illy
NAIA Terminal 3
Pasay City

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