Monday, May 23, 2011

B & T (Burritos & Tacos) Mexican Kitchen

I was craving for some authentic Mexican food after seeing photos of a couple of my friends' recent trip to Mexico and a Mexican cooking show I have been watching lately hosted by Top Chef Masters Season 1 winner Rick Bayless.

So my friend L and I headed to this less than a year old  Mexican restaurant along Ortigas where I have heard great reviews of.    To my surprise we saw an acquaintance of ours who first met at the other Mexican restaurant off Wilson.  He turned out to be the owner of B & T.  So instead of pondering what to order, I just asked him to surprise us with what he thinks we'd like and this is what we got.

Chicken Mole
 I have only encountered Mexico's national dish, the Chicken Mole (mo-lay) 3x in my life.  The first was at a restaurant in LA which wasn't very memorable. The second was the one I made, which did not taste close to the third one which was here at B & T.  My mole was such a  far cry from what B & T served us that I will never make it again (easier to just order from them and no dishes to wash after!).  One reason why their mole was such a hit with me was  because they used 3 different kinds of chillies - Pasilla, Ancho and Guajillo - which they painstakingly sourced for that authentic  Mexican taste.  Well, obviously I loved this dish, though I really didn't care much for the rice as I preferred the tortilla.  What I would really love is more of that lovely mole sauce.  Extra sauce please?

The second dish that came out was kind of a sampler of  Taquitos (Corn Tortilla) and the Flautas (Flour Tortilla),  which he filled with Carne Asada, Barbacoa (shredded beef), Alpastor (Spit Grilled Pork), Carnitas (shredded pork) and melted moncheddar cheese and served on the side with Jalapeno and a small salad.  If you are undecided on what kind of filling you would like to get, this is a good way to go as you'd be able to taste 4 different kinds of fillings in a very manageable size.  

Mexican Coffe
We loved this.  Batangas coffee mixed with some spices.  This cup of coffee transports you to your happy place.  As I was sipping my cup of coffee, I was reminded of Christmas because of the cinnamon and probably, but not too sure, nutmeg.  L, on the other hand, smelled saba (ala cubana) in her cup. 

Price range: P300-P360

9 Layer Dip Nachos, P255
On my second visit, we just ordered their Nachos with a 9 Layer Dip to munch on.

Loved it with some extra jalapeno.  Very creamy.

B & T Mexican Restaurant
368 Sekai Center
Ortigas cor Madison St
Greenhills, SJ
0917-8126218 ; 9751850 ; 4777488
Facebook: b&tmexicankitchen
for delivery: city delivery 87878

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