Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Bite Club

Just a few days after a week spent on a boat with my friends where we were together almost 24/7, we were having separation anxiety from each other.  One friend suggested dinner at Bite Club after a previous discussion about it's burgers.

Named as one of  the world's 50 most amazing burger joints by the Matador Network and was also a contender for Juice.ph's Battle of the Burger, it was timely to revisit this burger joint.

Burgerella, P130
I ordered a Burgerella, which is 1/3 lb beef patty stuffed with Mozzarella cheese.   I chose to top my burger with their Sgt Pepper! Mushroom Pepper Gravy which is a thick and creamy Salisbury style gravy.  It was a bit of a mess to eat but it was pretty good.  Unlike some burger joints that tries to mask the blandness of their beef patties with a strongly flavored sauce,  this burger was flavorful enough to be able to stand on it's own.  The sauce simply complimented the beef and made it fun (read: messy) to eat.

Potato Wedge
I also ordered the potato wedge, which was good.

XXX, P325
My friend blindly ordered the XXX not knowing what it is.  This is a 1 lb beef patty with an oatmeal bun described by Bite Club's menu as for the extremely hungry.  I would elaborate on this description as for the extremely hungry family as it was as big as a dinner plate!

It may not look too big in the picture, but this is the XXX besides a P5 coin.

Bite Club
213A Katipunan Avenue,
Bagong Bayan, Quezon City

D'Mall in Boracay

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