Saturday, May 7, 2011

Rene's Saigon Restaurant

One must do on my list when I had a day in Puerto Princessa, Palawan was to try out their Vietnamese food.  Playing host to Vietnamese refugees during the American - Vietnamese war, Puerto Princessa has become synonymous to good authentic Vietnamese food.

Amongst the numerous Vietnamese Restaurants or what they call chaolongan,  Rene's Saigon came highly recommended for their authenticity and home made noodles and French breads.

Rene Sabio, owner and chef of Rene's Saigon Restaurant was born from a Filipino father and a Vietnamese mother.  What started as a  15-seater turo turo, turned into Rene's dream restaurant that can accommodate up to 50 guests.

His Vietnamese mother trained and handed down all her recipes to Rene and his Vietnamese wife.  Rene was also able to learn how to make French bread from a Vietnamese refugee baker in Manila.

Fresh Spring Rolls, P100
For starters, we had  fresh rolls - shrimp, pork, vermicelli, and herbs wrapped in a rice paper with a peanut sauce on the side.  Loved it!

French Bread with Pork BBQ, P50
Home made French bread with pork barbecue, mayo and veggies.  The bread was simply divine and coupled with a very tender and flavorful pork barbecue and you have a winner!

Beef with Noodles, P60
Home made noodles with thinly sliced beef in a very flavorful broth and accompanied by beansprouts and basil.  I have never tasted pho this way.  The pho places here in Manila have nothing compared to Rene's pho.  The noodles was thick and tender, clearly this is not the the dried store-bought kind, the beef slices still had a tinge of pink in the middle, the broth was very flavorful and the beansprouts were crunchy.  YUM!

Rene's Saigon Restaurant
Rizal Ave.,
Bgy Bancao-Bancao
Puerto Princessa,

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