Thursday, December 2, 2010

Bohol Bee Farm

This is Bohol's answer to Tagaytay's Sonya's Garden.

reception area

Upon entering, there is a gift shop on your right where you can check out their home made spreads, drinks, and souvenirs.

home made spreads
You can taste the different spreads before choosing what you want. My favorite was the Pesto and  the Coriander.  Other flavors are Mango, Malunggay and Chocolate- which was described by a chocolate lover as Chocolate icing.

tsokolate, kape mais and salabat
After having your fill on the spreads, you can hop on over the drinks area and get a sample of their tsokolate (chocolate drink), kape mais (coffee made from corn) and honeyed salabat (Ginger tea sweetened by honey).

You can also have a taste of Bahalina - wine made from coconut.  A shot of this sweet tasting wine made me shoot like this!

Going down this tree lined stairs, towards the dining area, you will see another of Bohol Bee Farm's offering

arrow pointing where you can get a hilot
Hilot - healing massage.  A perfect way to rejuvenate after days of experiencing what Bohol has to offer.

dining area
At the bottom of the stairs, you will encounter the dining area. Where you can eat, relax and enjoy the view.

They also have a private beach that is only open to their staying guests.

100% of the tip goes to the staff
Be generous if you love their service.

dining area
Spicy Flower Salad, P190 (single); P600(family)
*Thin slivers of chicken, assorted ground nuts, flower petals topped with stir fried onions. the dressing is a mixture of chili, ginger, calamansi juice, patis, and honey.  If you are wondering what flowers taste like, they're a bit bitter.  The honey/calamansi dressing is a good way to balance the bitterness out.

My very colorful salad looks like it belongs in a vase instead of a salad bowl.

Fresh herb Pasta, P190
 It would have tasted better if the pasta was freshly made instead of store bought. But the fresh herb and veggies made up for it.

halo-halo, P140
This is not your ordinary halo-halo that you get out of assorted bottles. This is fresh fruits and home made ice cream.  You can choose from the many flavors of ice cream they have. The ice cream is very creamy and the fruits are sweet but not cloyingly so. I wished they put in some nata de coco but i guess it would have ruined the concept of this dish.

Bohol Bee Farm
Dao, Dauis, Panglao Island
Bohol, Philippines
Phone Number: 6338 5022288

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