Monday, December 27, 2010


Photo credit: Italianni's FB page
Sunday found me accompanying my mom Christmas shopping at Glorietta.  One thing about my mom is she'd always leave it up to me to choose where to eat but then what I like is not always what she would necessarily  like. So I usually choose a "safe" restaurant.  Meaning if we can't agree on where to eat, Italianni's is almost always a safe choice where we can get good food.

You would think I've had enough of truffle after having dinner at Lusso the night before.

Fettuccine Tartufo e Prosciutto, P495
A very simple and light dish made from fettuccine, truffle essence, cream and Italian ham.  I was expecting this dish to be heavier because of the cream, but this was, to my delight, surprisingly light.

Seafood Risotto, P695
  *Salmon, shrimp and calamari sauteed in white wine and simmered in seafood flavored Arborio rice.  This was mom's order.  The salmon was a little bland and the rice was a bit too salty. Mom also found it too oily for her taste.

Though the food was a bit of a disappointment what I found to be great was the customer service.  

After our meal, I asked for the check.  I was surprised to see our total was more or less P1000. With my A card, that would have given me a P250 off and mom's senior citizen discount, I was expecting the bill to be around P500 or less.  After consulting with our waiter, I found that they billed me P695 for the risotto - P300 more than what I was expecting.  I showed the waiter the photo I took of the menu where it said that the price of the said dish was P395.

The manager arrived explaining that they thought they had corrected all the menu from the typo error, lucky us, we got the one they missed.  So very apologetic, he decided to comp the risotto and just bill me for the fettuccine and the drinks we ordered.  After making sure that that our waiter will not bare the brunt of the mistake, I thanked the manager and paid our bill.

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