Thursday, December 23, 2010

Crashing Lusso

With my weekend plans falling through, I found myself at loose ends one Saturday evening. So I crashed my friend's dinner party at Lusso.
It was a night of truffle indulgence where we ordered almost everything we took fancy to and a lot of them had truffle in it.

Truffle Potato Crisps, P150
These hand sliced crispy thin potato chips scented with truffle oil reminds me of Jo-an's (not sure of the spelling) Potato Chips which was quite popular in the 70's and 80's, minus the truffle oil of course.

Dates and Speck, P295
This appetizer is not really pretty to look at.  It looks burnt and hard.  But that is the furthest from the truth.  Prosciutto ham wrapped around a date and cheese.  The saltiness of the ham played very well with the sweetness of the date. A must try!

Asiago fries w/ truffle salt, P195

Our third appetizer.  Fries sprinkled with Asiago cheese that simply melted all over the potatoes. Wished they sprinkled the cheese in a much wider range instead of the majority being concentrated in the middle.

Confit De Canard, P895
To those who play Cafe World on Facebook, you might be familiar with the name Confit De Canard.  This duck leg that has been preserved and cooked in its own fat served with green salad and potato mash was generous in size and good.  The meat was tender and flavorful.

Chicken Pot Pie, P535
This mix of light and dark meat with veggies was also good.

Shepherd's Pie, P575
 Braised lamb and prunes over mashed potato scented wit truffle oil.  It was good but I think i would have appreciated this dish more if I wasn't having a truffle overload by this time.

Spinach Taglierini, P350
Too creamy.  This was my least liked dish. 

Gelato Di Lusso, P210
Olive Oil Ice Cream with Sea Salt.  I know, sounds really weird right.  But this was quite good once you get past smelling olive oil in your ice cream.  The sea salt was perfect with this dessert, giving this dish another dimension.  A good way to clean your palate. 

Pecorino Cheese Cake, P275
This cheese cake made from sheep's milk was also good.

Pot De Creme, P130
A must try for chocolate lovers.  My friend who ordered this looked like a very satisfied cat who was able to get her hands on a pot of cream. But in this case, it was heavenly chocolate!

Tea, P115
Teas imported from France.

They serve your tea of choice in a pot with a 2 minute timer.  Once all the sands have all fallen through, your tea is perfectly ready.

Greenbelt 5
Makati City


  1. but, of course, we forgot about the timer with all the chismis we did :)

  2. Death by cholesterol