Saturday, December 18, 2010


Me and my friend Fanny had a goal. We were determined to finish our Christmas list.  So off we went to Shangri-la Mall one Sunday afternoon ready to face the crowd of Christmas shoppers and to do some damage to our wallets.  A few hours later, low on batt and ready to bite somebody's head off if they so much as look at us the wrong way, we headed off to grab a super late lunch.

Fanny wanted Wham! Burger.  Not being a burger person, I reluctantly agreed.
 We ordered a couple of burgers and shared an order of onion rings.

Bronco Burger
Fanny ordered the Bronco Burger. A third of a pound of pure beef with bacon, cheese and onions.

Kapow, P150
I got the Kapow.  1/3 lb of beef with jalapeno and salsa.  Being a Wham! virgin that I was, I honestly have to say that I was pleasantly surprised by how juicy and flavorful these burgers were.  Kapow reminded me of my favorite chili burger in LA, Tommy's.  According to Wham!'s FB page, their 1/3 lb pure beef patties are always fresh and are never frozen, hence the juiciness.
Unfortunately, my stomach cannot handle such a big burger and I ended up having a not so nice full feeling the rest of the day.  I could feel all that grilled beef burger, resting heavily inside me like a 100lb stone and felt really sluggish.  So with a few more on our lists to shop for, and not having the proper energy to do it, we headed home while mentally planning our exercise program for the week.

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